It’s A Dog’s World

Like people, dogs need exercise to clear their minds and escape from their stress of not catching the family cat or digging up the garden again for the fifth time this week. We too need some time to unwind and de-stress from the struggles of everyday life. What better way to do this than to take your best friend and go to the local dog park? A dog park is the best place to let your dogs run freely and interact with other dogs of all different ages and sizes. When dogs are around other dogs in a free environment they are less likely to be aggressive towards dogs when they see them.

There are many rules when it comes to bringing your dogs to the dog park in order to make everything run smoothly there. Just think about having all of these energetic animals in an area together and none of their humans following the rules! The community of dog lovers runs most parks and they need our help to keep it running. It is the least we can do to since they are allowing us space for our dogs to unwind and for ourselves to mingle with other dog lovers. I feel that the golden rules are to have your dogs spayed or neutered, picking up after they do their business, and to always keep an eye on them. If you have never been to a dog park, I say you should take the leap of faith and try it out! Your pup would love the benefits of running free, playing with different dogs, and making life long friends in the process. My dog gives the dog park four paws up!



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