There are so many great movies that we love that include our four legged friends! There is something about dogs in a movie that make us feel such a strong connection to them. Here is a list of the top 10 movies that made us smile or sob while cuddling up to our fur-children. If you haven’t had the chance to see these amazing movies then grab a bowl of popcorn and cuddle up with your dog! Let me know which movie is your favorite.

Old Yeller


Everyone knows the sad tale of a dog that protects the ones he loves until he no longer can when he gets an illness he can’t control. This movie shows the hardships of dog ownership and life in general, but also the special bond between a dog and their owner.



The classic dog of its time and the dog everyone wanted as a loyal part of the family. Lassie was smart and brave, and epitomized why we love dogs so much.

Lady and the Tramp


The perfect love story that any two dogs ever experienced! A stray dog falls in love with a well-loved dog, giving hope to all hopeless romantics.

All Dogs Go To Heaven


A great story about getting a second chance in life and this time doing the right thing.



Who doesn’t love an oversized dog? This dog can make anyone fall in love with him! This dog made everyone in the family happy and it becomes the father’s job to save Beethoven in the end.

Marley & Me


Shows the life span of a hyper yellow lab. This is a movie any dog owner can relate to! It perfectly demonstrates what it takes to be a dog owner. Grab a box of tissues and be ready for a mix of feelings!



The true story of having your dog as your best friend. A loyal dog that helps his shy owner go through life’s struggles.

101 Dalmatians


Who wouldn’t want 101 cute little puppies? A cute story about two dogs that fell in love trying to get their puppies back from Cruella De Vil.

Homeward Bound


These dogs and cats can talk to each other in this movie, and we see how a strong bond can conquer our differences.

I am Legend


Another amazing movie! This dog stands by his owner’s side until the very end. It truly shows the loyalty dogs have for their owners and how much we rely on them in tough times.


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