10 Reasons Why Dogs Are The Best

1. Our dogs instantly change our mood from horrible to great when they greet us with their wagging tails and licks full of kisses.


Dog kisses

2.Exercising with our dogs helps us stay in shape as well as them



3. Dogs are also known to sense when there is something medically wrong with our loved ones

dogs in hospitals

4. They will do anything to protect their loved ones


5.They help us relieve the stress we have after a long day


6.Having to care for a dog teaches people many life lessons about responsibility, patience, and commitment


7. You will always love your dog  even when they have done something wrong


8. They help bring comfort to people who have a disease or who have experienced a traumatic event


9. Best of all they will never judge you


10. Most importantly they are our best friends and will always love us unconditionally 



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